Atlas Sound Road Show Visits CCS Denver

Texas-based communications products manufacturer Atlas Sound took to the high road recently and visited our CCS Presentation Systems’ Denver office as part of its roadshow and training event.

Atlas Sound is well known for its large range of communications products in broadcast, industrial, institutional, security, and music markets, among others. Within its catalog includes a wide selection of audio solutions like emergency communications systems; intercom/telecom products; sound masking systems, and indoor/outdoor loudspeaker systems, too.

Carrying products in its 40-ft Featherlight trailer, Atlas Sound’s road show combines a look at new products with sales training sessions. The mobile showroom showcases Atlas Sound’s product assortment, including amps, speakers, IP speakers and control, audio processors, sound masking speakers, and stadium horns.

This road show is a direct way for Atlas to walk customers like CCS Presentation Systems through the Atlas product line. By providing listening demonstrations, Atlas Sound reps provide an accurate description of the product’s performance levels. They also have the opportunity to answer questions from staffers and others with whom the company doesn’t have regular contact.

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