Sharing information in an auditorium can be challenging. Participants need to be able to see and hear what is taking place, and audio visual equipment and presentation systems help to ensure this is the case. An on-site assessment must be conducted to determine which equipment is needed and how and where to place it. With this assessment, the sound and video capabilities of the space can be maximized.


Audio Systems

Organizations typically focus on the message they want to deliver to an audience. They don’t stop to think how they will get the message across and what equipment will be used. Integrated audio systems help to eliminate this issue for clients to ensure the message is received by all participating in the lecture or event.

AV Furniture

A robust AV system requires special furnishings be obtained, yet many companies overlook this important aspect of their systems. For example, AV furnishings are needed to charge multiple tablets simultaneously while ensuring they aren’t stolen. Podiums must conceal the equipment from the audience, and tables in a conference room frequently need power and internet for each user. We offer solutions any organization will find can meet their needs and increase the usefulness of their systems.