K-12 Education: Challenge Students to Innovate

Education, as a discipline, continues to evolve rapidly, and CCS Presentation Systems currently partners with schools to provide systems to enhance the classroom experiences of both educators and students. Our smart technologies, when integrated into classroom settings, provide the latest equipment to increase student involvement and encourage interaction.

The room’s shape and size, its ceiling profile, the lighting’s color temperature, the sound system’s clarity, and the video projection system’s placement all play crucial roles in a worship service. To enhance the experience, these systems must work together within the functional and aesthetic limitations of the facility. CCS can design a system that accentuates a facility’s best features while minimizing its drawbacks.



Today’s educational objectives encourage teachers to develop lessons that virtually demand students take an active role in their own learning. Interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, and classroom amplification systems encourage students to step up and become engaged in their own educations. Students normally uninterested in making any type of presentation in class are far more willing to do so when smart technologies are available. Group discussions also tend to become more relevant when white boards or SMART Tables are utilized to revise hypotheses or documents as new knowledge is gathered and explored.