It is vitally important for businesses to make the most of all advertising venues to survive and grow. The same is true for organizations and non-profits that need to get important messages out to the target population. Advertising is expensive and takes effort and time to produce, so it is important to pick the right venues and production companies. Companies such as Discover Video and CCS Presentation Systems offer many ways to ensure that a company’s or organization’s live stream message is seen by as many people as possible.

Live Streaming For Companies To Conference With Employees

Now, the head of a company can get the same message to all company employees at the same time whether the company has one office or many buildings across America. A live stream message can be delivered to employees using a variety of ways to make sure every employee views it. This can be very important when a company is planning a nation-wide promotion of their product or service. Also important is the introduction of a new product or service where the business owner wants every location to give customers the same information in a company-wide effort.

Video On Demand

Video On Demand is a service that allows customers to store all live streams and videos in a secure and searchable location on the company premises or in the cloud. So, if a video was really popular and effective, it can be called up and re-used at a later date. Keeping a record of all the company’s videos can be important for future promotions.

Digital Signage

All companies need a means to deliver news and company information to employees, customers, and partners. Having to design and send a different message to each group can be a waste of valuable time. Digital Signage is a flexible,easy-to-use system that makes the distribution of video, images, and text to TV monitors worldwide possible. The same message can be simultaneously delivered to everyone.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is the next step in modern communication within companies. This service makes it possible for people in far-flung offices to communicate in real time with Live Webcasting. Employees or customers can get real-time answers to questions and concerns. This can save time and miscommunication problems.


Capture is a Discover Video product that is made up of a wide collection of video encoders to suit different customers’ unique needs. They can be inexpensive software encoders for tablets and phones or complete encoding stations like NOMAD.


Display is the Discover Video collection of encoders and servers that helpĀ companies stream a variety of viewing devices. This is helpful for Live Video Streaming or watching video on smartphones, tablets, computers, or TVs with high-quality picture and sound. Discover Video is one of the video streaming companies that furnishes a great collection of affordable transcoding services and video streaming equipment. This allows thousands of business customers to use affordable and reliable advertising and communication live streaming, video on demand, and premises-based systems. For more information, visit the website.