echnology is crucial to the delivery of service at all levels of government. CCS is a capable and willing partner in making government agencies more accessible while ensuring security. Local, state, and national government entities are quickly catching up to the private sector, which has long given customers the chance to perform online transactions. Sophisticated programs allow people to pay tickets, fines, and taxes, as well as obtain permits and licenses online. 

  • Today’s security systems protect government buildings from vandalism and intrusion while protecting employees and customers on government property and in parking lots.
  • Large-screen projectors and high-quality sound systems allow government agencies to make presentations about community programs while simplifying employee training.
  • Audiovisual (AV) services are commonly used in today’s courtrooms.
  • Technologically advanced cabling allows government call centers to provide excellent data and voice delivery.
  • Government entities can disseminate SMS text messages to spread the word about weather emergencies, public safety issues, and Amber Alerts.

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Our integrated solutions include, but are not limited to

  • Advanced AV products
  • Teleconferencing and video conferencing
  • Large format displays and digital signage
  • Multi-touch video walls
  • Managed services
  • AV installation and system design
  • Audiovisual system integration
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Custom programming
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Advanced Audiovisual Systems Allow for Easier Collaboration

While many government agencies are centrally located, they cover much larger territories—and some have multiple locations. With video conferencing and other AV systems, courts and other government agencies can work together and engage in face-to-face collaboration at any time and in any location. With effective collaboration, agencies can improve efficiency, responsiveness, and service by facilitating engagement and interaction while reducing cross-organizational discrepancies.

Ensuring Security

When courts and other government agencies deal with citizens’ sensitive information, security is a primary concern. Tactical planning and efficient decisions are a top priority in government matters. Thus, implementation of a high-quality unified communications system can play a crucial role in improving face-to-face collaboration and information sharing while accelerating operations and ensuring security.


CCS Has a Unique Understanding of Clients’ Needs, Challenges, and Opportunities

At CCS, we understand that many government agencies must operate for years between audiovisual upgrades. Our team can help even the most cash-strapped agencies make the most of their budgets, and we will always design our systems to provide prolonged worry-free use. With our help, government agencies can maximize their communications and operational budgets.


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