Higher Education: Meeting Unique and Complex Needs

Technology is rapidly changing the ways students at all levels are educated. That’s especially evident in higher education settings where advanced technology fuels both basic learning and research. Indeed, the very concept of “classroom” has changed dramatically in higher education. Audio-visual systems used in larger class setting are now making it possible to effectively educate even very large groups. At CCS Presentation Systems, our education specialists work closely with institutions to develop strategies to reach and hold the interests of audiences.


As in K-12 educational settings, higher education institutions are focusing on interactive learning opportunities to effectively communicate highly complex concepts to students. The effective use of fully integrated audio-visual components makes it possible to have larger classes and still remain highly effective. Hands-on opportunities are enhanced as well when properly equipped class spaces are available.

With the use of Blackboard and other online learning platforms gaining in popularity, it’s important to make good use of classroom technology that’s fully compatible with those learning strategies. Our devices are designed to be used in conjunction with Blackboard, WebCT, and other platforms currently in use at institutions throughout the country. Since online learning environments are constantly being updated, we work closely with clients to ensure their equipment is always able to meet both current and anticipated needs.