The BIG Show in New York City took place recently. It is the premier retail industry trade show in the U.S., with more than 25,000 retail industry professionals and more than 450 solution providers taking part.  Plus, it draws a heavy international component – this year’s BIG show drew more than 5,600 attendees from over 70 countries. What’s most exciting about the show for those of us who work with audio-visual solutions and digital signage is the rapid growth of digital capabilities in retail environments. From digital touch screens to multi-purpose digital displays to in-store projectors, the range of possibilities for digital technology components is vast. original

Digital Signage Today suggested that retailers will continue to embrace digital signage as a means to enhance the overall customer experience in business retail environments.   

As an example of this growth, a writer at The Daily Finance loved some of the touch screen retail applications he saw at the BIG Show. This included a POS touch screen that offered liquor buyers a chance to upsell by suggesting different mixed drinks with the basic alcohol purchase.

Some of our CCS Presentation partners like NEC Display Solutions and Epson America were exhibiting their digital displays and audio-video business solutions at the show. NEC’s Richard Ventura, director of sales-vertical solutions for the company, told Digital Signage Today that his company looks for key strategy drivers at the show. “It is important for our strategy in that it helps us understand and address four major areas and strategies: What will drive customer engagement in stores in 2013? What are the key areas of focus for brands to grow sales and analyze those effects? How are stores utilizing technology to impact the customer experience? And what are the key drivers and expectations for retail companies in 2013 and beyond?” he said.

The relative importance of more technology facing consumers in stores helps to widen the customer experience, according to attendees. Digital signage helps to give shoppers a more meaningful consumer experience across all touch points, but not just for the pure thrill of technology. Retailers are more apt to use digital signage and screen solutions for better brand awareness and better singular consumer marketing experiences.