Studies indicate most students tend to learn more when challenged by classmates in group settings. Self-directed learning strategies work better when smaller groups of students work together to solve problems. Students in virtually every discipline learn how to solve complex problems when provided tools like whiteboards and SMART Tables allow them to see the natural progression necessary to solve those problems.

Projectors also provide dynamic ways for students and teachers alike to present information. Presentations, when properly designed, help students to grasp important, and sometimes complex, materials in math, science, language arts, and even music. Rather than relying on outdated or incomplete textbooks, teachers using technology are able to provide students with the latest and most up-to-date information. Larger images, projected on appropriate surfaces, are clear and easy to understand. Teachers can modify content quickly and easily to accommodate the needs of learners at different stages.



With the solutions available from SMART Technologies, schools can be on the cutting edge of the latest learning strategies while, at the same time, ensuring their budget needs are being met. While the ultimate goal is to improve learning outcomes for all students, budgets are a reality districts must deal with. Our team is made up almost entirely of former educators who understand the needs and realities of teaching. They’ll work closely with schools to ensure they’re equipped with the technology they need to improve education while staying within budget constraints.

Having completed over 10,000 classroom installations in the field of educational technology over the past few years, CCS Presentation Systems is truly a leading provider of K-12 audio visual equipment. From interactive whiteboards, digital projectors and classroom amplification systems, to classroom response systems and document cameras, audio visual equipment is changing the face of interactive learning. CCS has a strong history of supporting educational entities and a vested interest in integrating technology with classrooms across the state. We understand our clients’ ultimate goal is to increase student achievement using the latest products in collaborative learning such as SMART Boards (Interactive Whiteboards) and student response systems (educational clickers) from eInstruction. The education focused audio visual sales team is made up almost entirely of former educators and administrators, resulting in a greater understanding of the K-12 interactive learning environment.