Training Centers

Training Centers

Training takes time and money, thus organizations continually look to find ways to deliver information in a more efficient manner. Video conferencing is one method many organizations now turn to, and this is only one of numerous solutions. Whether you are in need of projectors, LCD displays, or other equipment, we’ll work with you to find the products that best meet your unique needs.


Video Walls

Certain organizations, such as an Emergency Operations Center, need information in an easy-to-view format. This information allows for full situational awareness and may include information from cable news or satellite feeds, recording devices, and more. Thanks to this type of system, extensive cabling, desks, networking, and other infrastructures decrease in importance, freeing up valuable floor space for more individuals.

Strong foundations allow for solid partnerships, and CCS recognizes this. Thanks to the relationships we have developed with vendors, we’ve enhanced the service capabilities we can now provide. Customers benefit, as they receive the best-level pricing, priority technical support, customized offerings, and priority product allocation. We sell the best products from brand name providers, including Mitsubishi and Elation, and can assist clients in obtaining simple accessories or carrying out major integration products. All one must do is ask.