CCS understands that strong partnerships do so much more than create solid supply chains. The relationships that we have established with our vendors enhance the service capabilities we provide to our customers. Our excellent relationship with our vendors enables us to provide our customers the best-level pricing, priority product allocation, priority technical support, and customized offerings. CCS is one of the top resellers in the U.S. for NEC, Epson, SMART, Hitachi, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Crestron, BIAMP, AMX, JBL, Danley, Elation, and many others. Look around. Technology has now infiltrated every portion of the world. Finding the right AV products and solutions to ensure information is received by the target audience can be difficult, however, as many business owners and employees don’t understand the options available to them. CCS understands this and presents clients with better solutions—ones that meet their specific needs. Following are some ways in which we help clients make the most of the technology they own and add to their existing inventory for better results.Read More..

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Sharing information in an auditorium can be challenging. Participants need to be able to see and hear what is taking place, and audio visual equipment and presentation systems help to ensure this is the case. An on-site assessment must be conducted to determine which equipment is needed and how and where to place it. With this assessment, the sound and video capabilities of the space can be maximized.

Boardrooms & Conference Rooms

AV and presentation tools allow for collaborative boardrooms. Whether a company is in need of one AV system or multiple systems and functions, we can be of help. We supply clients with intuitive presentation tools that are seamlessly integrated to ensure business collaboration is the most effective it can be.


Interactive Solutions

Technology permeates every aspect of a person’s life. Individuals demand information instantaneously, and we understand this. We work to boost visualization and collaboration everywhere, including in the corporate, government, and education realms. As a result of this technology, all find they are able to make real-time decisions and provide faster response times.

Training Centers

Training takes time and money, thus organizations continually look to find ways to deliver information in a more efficient manner. Video conferencing is one method many organizations now turn to, and this is only one of numerous solutions. Whether you are in need of projectors, LCD displays, or other equipment, we’ll work with you to find the products that best meet your unique needs.
CCS Mid Atlantic