K-12 Education: Challenge Students to Innovate

Education, as a discipline, continues to evolve rapidly, and CCS Presentation Systems currently partners with schools to provide systems to enhance the classroom experiences of both educators and students. Our smart technologies, when integrated into classroom settings, provide the latest equipment to increase student involvement and encourage interaction.

Interactive whiteboards have been standard fixtures in classroom settings for several years. However, the options offered by SMART Technologies take advantage of the latest enhancements to make smart technologies the top option for creating classroom environments using the active learning strategies encouraged by education experts.

Today’s educational objectives encourage teachers to develop lessons that virtually demand students take an active role in their own learning. Interactive whiteboards, digital projectors, and classroom amplification systems encourage students to step up and become engaged in their own educations. Students normally uninterested in making any type of presentation in class are far more willing to do so when smart technologies are available. Group discussions also tend to become more relevant when white boards or SMART Tables are utilized to revise hypotheses or documents as new knowledge is gathered and explored.

Studies indicate most students tend to learn more when challenged by classmates in group settings. Self-directed learning strategies work better when smaller groups of students work together to solve problems. Students in virtually every discipline learn how to solve complex problems when provided tools like whiteboards and SMART Tables allow them to see the natural progression necessary to solve those problems.

Projectors also provide dynamic ways for students and teachers alike to present information. Presentations, when properly designed, help students to grasp important, and sometimes complex, materials in math, science, language arts, and even music. Rather than relying on outdated or incomplete textbooks, teachers using technology are able to provide students with the latest and most up-to-date information. Larger images, projected on appropriate surfaces, are clear and easy to understand. Teachers can modify content quickly and easily to accommodate the needs of learners at different stages.

With the solutions available from SMART Technologies, schools can be on the cutting edge of the latest learning strategies while, at the same time, ensuring their budget needs are being met. While the ultimate goal is to improve learning outcomes for all students, budgets are a reality districts must deal with. Our team is made up almost entirely of former educators who understand the needs and realities of teaching. They’ll work closely with schools to ensure they’re equipped with the technology they need to improve education while staying within budget constraints.

Having completed over 10,000 classroom installations in the field of educational technology over the past few years, CCS Presentation Systems is truly a leading provider of K-12 audio visual equipment. From interactive whiteboards, digital projectors and classroom amplification systems, to classroom response systems and document cameras, audio visual equipment is changing the face of interactive learning. CCS has a strong history of supporting educational entities and a vested interest in integrating technology with classrooms across the state. We understand our clients’ ultimate goal is to increase student achievement using the latest products in collaborative learning such as SMART Boards (Interactive Whiteboards) and student response systems (educational clickers) from eInstruction. The education focused audio visual sales team is made up almost entirely of former educators and administrators, resulting in a greater understanding of the K-12 interactive learning environment.


Higher Education: Meeting Unique and Complex Needs

Technology is rapidly changing the ways students at all levels are educated. That’s especially evident in higher education settings where advanced technology fuels both basic learning and research. Indeed, the very concept of “classroom” has changed dramatically in higher education. Audio-visual systems used in larger class setting are now making it possible to effectively educate even very large groups. At CCS Presentation Systems, our education specialists work closely with institutions to develop strategies to reach and hold the interests of audiences.

As in K-12 educational settings, higher education institutions are focusing on interactive learning opportunities to effectively communicate highly complex concepts to students. The effective use of fully integrated audio-visual components makes it possible to have larger classes and still remain highly effective. Hands-on opportunities are enhanced as well when properly equipped class spaces are available.

With the use of Blackboard and other online learning platforms gaining in popularity, it’s important to make good use of classroom technology that’s fully compatible with those learning strategies. Our devices are designed to be used in conjunction with Blackboard, WebCT, and other platforms currently in use at institutions throughout the country. Since online learning environments are constantly being updated, we work closely with clients to ensure their equipment is always able to meet both current and anticipated needs.

Advancements in educational technology are changing the ways in which we educate students. Each and every day, a new array of interactive learning tools is being developed, and with them comes the need of integration into the classroom. When you speak with a CCS representative, you can rest assured we’ll not only design your ideal audio visual system, but we’ll also get you setup with an educational technology specialist that can train you on how to deliver a powerful message to your students. Partnering with leading audio video manufacturers from around the country, CCS Presentation Systems has become a top tier provider of collaborative and interactive learning tools in higher education. Our ability to integrate a wide range of audio visual components into your classroom or lecture hall, paired with our highly trained team of engineers, makes CCS the perfect solution for your eLearning needs. From mediated lecterns and classroom control systems, to student response systems that integrate with Blackboard and WebCT, audio visual equipment is changing the face of higher education and interactive learning. While each classroom or lecture hall is unique, you’ll find CCS has the right projector, student response system (educational clicker), interactive whiteboard or other education based learning tool to suit the needs of your faculty and students. CCS Presentation Systems is truly a leader in the Higher Education audio visual market. Our team of systems integrators works directly with clients to develop new approaches to education through technology and its dissemination across local networks and multiple campuses. We have a strong history of support for educational entities, and a great interest in our clients’ ultimate goal of integrating technology into classroom instruction to increase student engagement and retention.

Training: Your Key to Success

While there is always a learning curve involved when adopting new technologies, SMART Technologies engineers every product to be easily learned by class leaders at all levels. In addition, the components needed for interactive learning are even more user-friendly, suggesting students at all levels will easily acquire the skills necessary to actively use classroom devices.

At the K-12 level, educators utilizing smart technologies are provided with the training needed to quickly become familiar and comfortable with classroom technologies used in specific settings. For example, language arts teachers may well use functions not necessarily employed in math classes. While basic functions will almost certainly be similar in different environments, specific features will always be used more frequently in some class settings than others.

Of course, class sizes will always impact the way SMART Boards and similar devices are integrated. CCS Presentation Systems experts are aware of the nuances present in different environments and individualize training and recommendations to ensure those class-specific needs are met. SMART Tables are relatively new innovations, and teachers are generally amazed at the results achieved when those devices are used for project-based learning.

Changing Outcomes Starts Today

With the current emphasis on improving student outcomes dominating the nation’s educational systems, taking advantage of the tools that effectively bolster teaching efforts is vitally important. CCS Presentation Systems has been a key player in providing the types of technologies needed to help students learn more effectively. Our representatives work cooperatively with school districts, technology departments, and individual educators to ensure every student has the best tools available to enhance their educations.

Since the needs of different schools vary somewhat, it’s our goal to make sure we recommend the best smart technologies possible to meet every school’s educational objectives. Whether a school is already relatively well-equipped or just starting to acquire smart technologies, our representatives are here to assist. We have a strong history of support for all educators and work closely with every education client to integrate the technologies needed to engage and retain students at all levels. For an evaluation of the ways CCS Presentation Systems can help to improve your school’s outcomes, get in touch with us today.

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