Digital Signage and Displays for Sports Bars and More

In the food service industry, competition is stiff. Business owners always need to find ways to draw a crowd every night and also take advantage of big events. Gimmicks and new food items only go so far for drawing people into a restaurant. One thing that always draws people in a is a relaxing environment with good entertainment. To this end, a powerful video switching matrix will be needed. With the right video solution, business owners will be able to feed video to any part of their store and greatly improve the overall experience of customers.


Big television events are always a huge draw. The Super Bowl, The Olympics, and Playoffs are enough to bring in dramatically more customers than would ordinarily be in the store. During these events, customers are happy to pay a little extra for drinks and small food items. This could double or even triple the average sales for one night. Sports Bar Screens can be used throughout the store to advertise the big event in the days leading up and used to show the program across the dining area on the big night.

Physical Digital Marketing

It used to be that any restaurant with screens inside would have to put up with advertisements from competitors. With a digital program package and the right switching equipment, business owners only have to show the content they approve. This means no competing restaurant will be advertising in the store. Instead, business owners will be able to market directly to customers by using digital marketing media on their own screens. Restaurant Menus could show images and videos of items being created right next to their listing in order to entice customers into buying new or more profitable items.

Networking and Video Solutions

Bringing dozens of screens together while displaying content in amazing clarity isn’t easy. It takes powerful hardware and complex software to make it all work. With the help of a qualified service provider, business owners can create a unique and powerful video solution. No matter how many screens there are or how big they are, video can be fed in and scaled to look great on the display. Commercial Audio Video Integration makes it possible to stream content from the back of the store to any number of display and provide control for every screen. Business owners will be able to display family friendly content in waiting areas and top-tier sporting events throughout the dining room.
Technology and Creative Thinking
Networking together Digital Signage & Displays not only takes technical skill, it also takes creative thinking to prove a unique experience. Service providers such as CCS Presentation Systems offer both to their clients. Instead of just placing screens wherever they fit, they can be managed in a way that provides an immersive viewing experience. Customers will be able to enjoy movies and other entertainment at their tables while top-tier events play on the bigger screens in the store. Restaurant owners will be able to draw in huge crowds and start seeing the profits they deserve.