Video over the internet is nothing new, but what some companies are doing with it is. Instead of relying on boring mediums such as billboards and signs, business owners can market to their customers more directly than ever. Digital signage and displays make it possible for businesses to create the perfect environment for their customers. Digital menus are a big trend lately. Items on the menu can be updated automatically, removing or adding seasonal items as needed. Background content can make the food look great or show customers the latest promotions. Displays in the lobby can show appropriate content and keep competitors advertisements of the TV sets. Audio/Video Over IP solutions add a whole new kind of marketing technique and could change the way customers see their favorite businesses.

AV over IP Solutions

The backbone of an AV solution is the network over which data is transmitted. Sending uncompressed video content would take up far too much room on the network. Video nodes and appliances can compress this data to a fraction of its original content. This will make it possible for multiple devices to transmit and receive at once. Manufacturer’s such as Kramer Electronics offer appliances that can compress AV data enough to make it possible feed data over even WiFi networks. This kind of flexibility makes it easy to install a solution on less powerful networks and still provide excellent video quality. Business owners that use standard cable television services can cancel their contract and pay a flat monthly fee for streamed content. Instead of dozens of unsightly cables, the appliances will work wirelessly to transmit data back and forth to the displays and televisions. Best of all, the whole system can be professionally installed by a service provider such as CCS Presentation Systems.

Compressed AV Vs. Uncompressed

Compression is a touchy subject when it comes to networked AV. Some users swear it decreases the quality of the video content. Grainy picture and poor color quality are often noticed by some users. For those who focus on the entertainment, this could be a big deal. There are ways to prevent corruption, but it could be a little more difficult than a standard solution. Thanks to smarter AV appliances, compression can be adjusted or even turned off for certain nodes. This is perfect for businesses that have displays placed throughout the lobby or dining area. Sets that are placed closer to customer view can be set to receive uncompressed video content. That way, they get the best picture quality and no one complains. Sets that are further away can be set to receive compressed data since viewers won’t be close enough to tell the difference. Compression settings can be changed throughout the network to keep bandwidth use under control. Even a powerful network can be overloaded by excess data. The ideal solution may be hard to find, but with help from a professional service provider, there’s no solution out of reach. Business owners should call us at CCS presentation Systems to schedule a consultation today.