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What You Should Know About New SHARP PN-Y Professional Grade Signage Series

Businesses research digital sign opportunities for presenting information to clients and potential customers. These products enable them to provide details about products, promotions, and the company itself. The following are details about the New SHARP PN-Y Professional Grade Signage Series and the benefits it provides these companies.

Reviewing the Size Options for the Digital Signs

CCS Presentation Systems, Inc offers SHARP’s new digital displays in a multitude of sizes. These sizes range from 32-inch up to 55-inch screens. The offer high-quality display regardless of the size chosen. The screens provide amazing choices based on the company owner’s needs.

A More Cost Effective Alternative

These new Professional Displays are offered at a lower than average price. They are a clear alternative to previous models. This makes them more affordable for companies that are smaller or up to mid-range in size. They provide a better and more cost-effective solution to ensure access to all companies. With this affordable price, the company owner also acquires stability and durability with these products. They are on average about 30% cheaper than previous models.

What are the Major Features of These Signs?

The product offers flexibility for business owners. The wall mount for these products allows for positioning of the sign without major limits. It can be tilted or upright. This helps the company acquire options that fit all circumstances. This allows for portrait or landscape orientation at any time. These adjustments are made quickly without major issues. The versatility of the product allows for the further use of the product for a variety of purposes. They are compatible with a multitude of devices. They are compatible with SD cards and USB devices. This allows the company owner to use any form of media to display their presentations. The screens allow them to stream any videos or materials they prefer at any time. They can set up the display to show photographs, design schemes for new products, and full presentations for conferences. They can also set up the Commercial Displays to play their preferred presentation continuously. This is beneficial for displays in showrooms. They provide customers with detailed information about products and services that are accessible to incoming customers. The advertisements connect to these displays target the preferred demographic through strategic opportunities. The company owner can alter these advertisements at any time to introduce a new product. The company owner could also place the displays throughout other areas of their property. This presents information to customers who may be interested in purchasing these items. This increases the potential for impulse purchases and redirects the customers to the department in which the item is displayed. The displays offer immediate customer service without the pressure. These signs provide these major benefits for retail and department stores as well. Businesses could increase their sales volumes with cost-effective digital signs. These signs enable them to share vital details quickly in a more entertaining way. They provide immediate changes and updates to keep all information fresh. Company owners who want to acquire Digital Signage should contact their local CCS Presentation Systems office today.