In addition to a host of other incremental developments in PC components, such as seventh-generation Intel Core processors and Nvidia’s Pascal graphics, screens have gotten much better lately. CES 2017 in Las Vegas was packed with screens that were fantastic, but apparently not all manufacturers selected CES to introduce everything new. Philips introduced a new monitor a week after CES ended but it likely could have made a huge impact among other displays on showcase. The BDM4037UW is Philips’ latest, and the organization is calling it the largest curved 4K monitor on the marketplace. Specifically, it’s a 40-inch curved monitor with 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution, utilizing a perpendicular alignment LCD panel with W-LED backlighting. It provides a viewing angle of 178 degrees, which seems to be most common for the current crop of curved monitors. Philips has included its Multiview attribute in the BDM4037UW, which supports four total High Definition input signals that can be shown on the screen simultaneously. A number of different screen modes, for example picture-in-picture, are supported meaning that users can make efficient utilization of the display’s extensive size. Philips is offering the BDM4037UW for sale instantaneously. Pricing is placed at $630, making it competitive with comparable models, albeit without the HDR support.