Those dreaded words – “For that, it’s an additional…”

“For that, it’s an additional…” CCS Presentation Systems knows the legwork it takes to get a product, hardware or software budgeted and approved for your classroom. Even worse is when you as a leadership team identify the best solution within your budget, only to find out the features you need cost EXTRA than the base package you were proposed. So,

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At the top of your educator’s wish list: interactive projectors

Executive Board Rooms Executive Board Rooms HELPING BRING YOUR BRAND TO LIFE Executive Briefing and Customer Experience Centers offer a shared experience between organizations, their employees, executives, and the clients they wish to connect with or gain. Built to make connections, showcase your brand value, and drive growth, these spaces are best supported through a dynamic audio-visual experience. From understanding

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Differences In Consumer VS Commercial Flat Screen Displays Affect End Uses

Flat Panel Display There are some general differences in Consumer vs Commercial Flat Panel Displays. Commercial type screens are designed and engineered to work successfully with PCs and for long hours of operation. Consumer screens are designed and manufactured for use with TV and video operating for shorter lengths of time. Both types of screens give excellent quality pictures. Professional AV

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Crisp Vibrant Images With The NEC Direct View LED Display

When it comes to displaying images and videos it’s important to have the best monitor possible in order to create the proper visual effect. Choosing the right display for pro av digital signage, video playback, and other media applications can be a little tricky. The first step is knowing what options are available and what to look for in a

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Choosing The Right Audio Visual Furniture Helps Communication

Proper AV Furniture Helps Communication The best audio visual technology and equipment will not produce the best results if it is not paired with well-designed AV Furniture. Choosing the right Audio Visual Furniture is an important part of setting up business and educational rooms such as a conference room, auditoriums, class rooms, and lecture halls. AV furniture can include specially designed tables,

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Reviewing The Attributes Of An Education AV Design

School systems require a variety of equipment to provide lessons to students. Among these systems are AV systems. They provide adequate assistance for teachers who need to provide a large volume of information to their students quickly. They also provide further educational and entertainment options for the student body. The following are attributes about the installation of an Education AV

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